Lost & Found


I’m sure that I could list a hundred reasons as to why it’s been quite so long since I last posted, but it really all just boils down to one thing; I was starting to become disillusioned with the world of blogging. I felt that my blog wasn’t the place that I wanted it to be and so, I just stopped writing. Once you’re out of the habit of writing regularly, it becomes hard to get back into that routine.

Wow & Flutter was always intended to be a lifestyle blog, but I felt that that aspect had gotten a little lost, despite the occasional food post. I felt as the though focus had become beauty-related, which (although I love beauty) had never been my intention. I’d always written because I enjoyed it, and when I stopped enjoying it, I didn’t want to write; you should only ever write something that you would want to read yourself.

There will be the occasional beauty-related posts, after all, I do still wear the stuff, but it won’t be the focus any longer. There are a few blogs that I love, such as Sophie’s, that have really helped me to realise what direction I want this space to go in and so I’ve been feeling inspired to write again.

I’m excited about the direction that Wow & Flutter is going in and hope that you’ll stay with me.