An Update

I’m not quite sure how six months have passed since my last post; at the start of the year I had every intention of posting much more frequently, as I mentioned in this post, however things don’t always quite work out how you intend them to. The last six months have been pretty hectic, so I thought I’d give you a little update as to what’s been happening lately.

Towards the start of the year, I got a new role at work. This meant a promotion (which was much appreciated), moving to a whole new department and working with people that I’d never worked with before. The new role is much more challenging than my previous role, but this was something that I was grateful of, as I’d begun to feel pretty apathetic in the exisiting job. I was also working longer hours in an attempt to get to grips with what I was doing and so by the time I got home and made our evening meal, I didn’t have much energy to do anything else.

A few weeks after starting the new role, we found a new place to live. This was something that had been on the cards for a long time, as we’d really outgrown our one bedroom city centre apartment. Living in the city is pretty fun when you’re in your early twenties and go out most weekends, but when you start to reach your late twenties and become more of a homebody, somewhere with a bit more space is needed. After much searching, we found a really nice little house out of the city; rent is cheaper and the second bedroom means that we can have a proper office, which made Samuel very happy.

It took quite a few weeks to get settled into the new place, as we didn’t really take any time off to move and so packing everything up around work was pretty stressful, who knew we had so much stuff?! We also moved from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished house and therefore had to spend a while (and quite a lot of money) shopping around for basics like a bed and a sofa; I still don’t have a dining table but that’s a whole other story. Thankfully we’re pretty much all settled now and the house is a much more relaxing place to return home to after a day at work than the apartment ever was.

I wasn’t quite sure if I should write about what’s been happening for the last two months as I don’t really know where to start, but I have mentioned things on Twitter and so if you follow me on there, you’ll have an idea anyway. Around this time last year, I found a small lump under my arm and it was decided that it should be removed. I had some MRI scans to check the location and size etc and on these scans, it was also discovered that I had quite a sizeable (about the size of an egg) lump on my right lung. The consultant decided that it didn’t seem to be causing any harm to my health and so they would leave it and monitor it and just remove the lump from under my arm.

Fast forward to May this year and I started to experience an uncomfortable feeling in my chest area. I went back to the consultant and she didn’t seem to think that it was anything to worry about , but sent me for some further tests, to put my mind at rest. Around a week after the tests had been done, I received a call from the consultant advising that the results showed that the lump had probably become cancerous and therefore it needed to be removed. Just over two weeks after that on June 10th, I was wheeled into surgery to have a posterolateral thoracotomy performed. It’s a pretty big procedure and so I had to stay in hospital for almost a week afterwards; I’m still off work at home recovering now, complete with a pretty impressive scar. I was so thankful to get back home after being in hospital for a week—hospital food really is the worst, especially as a vegan. Hopefully, now that the lump is gone, there shouldn’t be any further issues, but I have to wait for my follow-up appointment in a few weeks to find that out.

The last few weeks have been pretty challenging, but I’ve tried my best to maintain a positive mental attitude. I’ve think that I’ve managed pretty well so far and haven’t gotten upset or down about the whole thing, but I don’t think that I would have been able to do that without the love and support of my amazing family (particularly Samuel) and my wonderful friends. Thank you to you all.

So, that, in a rather large nutshell, is where I’ve been for the last six months, hopefully it won’t be another six until you hear from me again.

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