Life Lately, In Verbs

Eating // I met up with some friends at the weekend and we ate lunch at Room Restaurant in Manchester. The Bloody Mary Consommé and the Malayan Vegetable Curry were divine and the fennel sorbet was just about one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten. I am definitely going to have to try and recreate those gems.

Drinking // chai tea; I love tea all year round, but I particularly enjoy the subtle spiciness of chai at this time of year. Tazo’s version is one of my favourites.

Dreaming of // a cozy Christmas. This year it’s just going to be the two of us, so I’m looking forward to spending it at my Dad’s cottage, snuggled up in front of the fire with my love.

Anticipating // snow! I absolutely adore snow and can’t wait until we get a dusting of the white stuff.

Wearing // my big snuggly scarf; it was a bit of an H&M bargain.

Cooking // soups and lots of them. You can’t beat a good soup on a frosty day. I very much enjoy the warming heat of this one. I really should be getting my Christmas cake on the go soon too!

Watching // I haven’t actually watched much lately, so I’m getting quite excited for all of the Christmas films that are going to be shown over the coming weeks. You just can’t beat a bit of Elf!

Enjoying // catching up with friends and family. I love nothing more than spending time with loved ones.

Making // I’m currently collecting ideas for a few homemade Christmas gifts – think jams/ chutneys and biscuits.

Reading // I finished Gone Girl a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t had much time lately to start anything else book wise. I have been enjoying catching up with some of my favourite blogs (Cider with Rosie, Paperbagblog & The Private Life of a Girl) in the mornings before dragging myself out of bed to head to work.

Purchasing // too many clothes. Sadly (although not for my bank balance), about ¾ of what I’ve bought is going to have to go back—it either doesn’t fit or looks different than I expected; the perils of online shopping eh?

Loving // frosty mornings. I actually really enjoy walking to work and being able to see my breath, well, provided that I’m well wrapped up against the cold anyway!

Obsessing over // finding a black bobble hat, how hard can it be? It would seem that finding the perfect one is very difficult indeed; most of the ones that I’ve seen lately are a bit snug for my big head. What can I say, I have a lot of hair…

Adventuring // we’ve actually had quite an eventful few weeks lately, with lots of little trips here and there. I’m looking forward to lots more outings over the next few months.

What things have you been enjoying lately?

Thank you to Cider with Rosie for the post inspiration.

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